Month: December 2016

Court Finds Employer/Employee Relationship notwithstanding Contract between Two Corporations

The BC Supreme Court recently held that a contract between two corporations was essentially a contract of employment and awarded severance on termination of the contract. The court held that Tim Fernback, working through his incorporated entity TCV Ventures Corp. (“TCV”), was essentially an employee of Cambie Malone’s Corporation (“CMC”) and entitled to reasonable notice […]  Read more

Employee Failed to Mitigate after Rejecting Full-time Work in Favour of a Part-time Position

An employee’s entitlement to severance arising from her wrongful dismissal ended when she accepted employment from a new employer on a part-time basis, even though the new employer offered her full-time work. In Schinnerl v. Kwantlen Polytechnic University, 2016 BCSC 2026, the B.C. Supreme Court found that by turning down full-time work, Ms. Schinnerl had […]  Read more


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