Month: August 2016

Supreme Court of Canada: Federally Regulated Employees Protected From Most without Cause Terminations

The Supreme Court of Canada has recently resolved conflicting case law to hold that federally regulated employees cannot be dismissed without cause, absent a lay off due to “lack of work” or the “discontinuance of a function”. Under the Canada Labour Code (the “Code”), which applies to federally regulated employers, a non-union employee in a […]  Read more

UBC’s Failure to Accommodate Medical Student’s Disability Leads to Reinstatement, $385,000 for Lost Wages and $75,000 Injury to Dignity Award

The B.C. Court of Appeal has upheld a decision that determined the University of British Columbia failed to accommodate the disabilities of a student in its Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Kelly was a resident in the UBC post-graduate training program in family medicine.  He suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as well as a non-verbal […]  Read more


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