Month: March 2016

Court Provides Cautionary Tale to Employers: Good faith required even when dismissal without cause

An Alberta Court ruled that, while an employer has the discretion to dismiss an employee without cause, it must do so reasonably and in good faith and in a manner that is neither “capricious” nor “arbitrary”.  The Court in Styles v. Alberta Investment Management Corp., 2015 ABQB 621 relied on the Supreme Court of Canada’s […]  Read more

Employer’s Discretion to Dismiss Probationary Employee “Cannot be Questioned”

A recent Ontario decision confirms that the term “probation” has a recognized meaning in employment law and that employers have wide discretion to determine an employee’s suitability during the probationary period. In Nagribianko v. Select Wine Merchants Ltd., 2016 ONSC 490, an employee entered into an employment agreement which included a six-month probationary period. Mr. […]  Read more


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