June 13, 2022

Single-step Union Certification Receives Royal Assent and Comes into Effect

Bill 10, the Labour Relations Code Amendment Act, 2022, was introduced by the Government of British Columbia on April 6, 2022. On June 2, 2022, Bill 10 received Royal Assent and is now in effect. As a result, business can expect significant changes to the bargaining unit certification process.

The new amendments to the Labour Relations Code (the “Code”) will result in a single-step certification process, enabling unions to be certified without a vote, provided that 55% or more employees in the proposed bargaining unit have signed union cards. However, a secret ballot vote may takes place if 45-55% of employees in the proposed unit have signed union cards.

Additional changes to the Code include:

  • permitting unions in the construction industry to conduct “raids” of unionized workplaces during the period of July and August of each year; and
  • allowing a trade union to request that a representation vote be taken before the Board has determined the appropriate bargaining unit.

The amendments to the Code will likely result in increased unionization efforts and impact construction industry employers.

To read more about these changes please see our April 11, 2022 article.

Contact our lawyers in our Vancouver or Victoria offices if you have any questions or concerns regarding the impact of these changes on your business.


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