Strategic Business Advice

Our lawyers provide strategic business advice to private and public companies in a variety of industries and sectors. As a result, we have a complete understanding of the employment law issues that affect a wide variety of businesses.

Underestimating the importance of labour and employment considerations in the face of business transactions can lead to costly consequences. In preparation for such transactions, employers must be mindful of items such as current employment or human rights litigation, outstanding labour relation issues, the history of union certification and de-certification, and potential severance obligations. Collective agreements, employee and independent contractor agreements, and relevant legislation must be carefully reviewed and analyzed to ensure that companies are not only protected against potential liabilities, but also gain an edge in any negotiation or transaction.

Our lawyers frequently provide advice to businesses of all sizes, and have advised on thousands of transactions involving purchase or sale of businesses, executive employment contract negotiations, employee recruitment and retention, unfair competition, and wrongful dismissal. Where necessary to protect our clients’ interests, we’ll pursue all available remedies through litigation in the courts.