Pulver Crawford Munroe LLP

What makes us different

Personal Service

Our lawyers are committed to providing personal service. We take the time to get to know you and learn about your business. Once we understand your issues, we tell you in plain English about the legal framework, your options, and our recommendations.

Practical Experience

Labour and employment relations in British Columbia can be volatile and complex. Whether you’re an employer or employee, you need lawyers that can handle difficult and sensitive issues with speed, skill and confidence.

At Pulver Crawford Munroe, our lawyers practice exclusively in labour and employment law. We know the players, we know the rules, and we have decades of practical experience. Our lawyers appear regularly before labour relations boards, human rights and employment standards tribunals, arbitration boards, and other administrative tribunals. We also have experience at all court levels, including the British Columbia and Federal trial and appellate courts, and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Strategic Advice

Lots of lawyers know the law. Our lawyers know how to apply the law in strategic and creative ways, to help our clients achieve their short and long-term objectives. Before we give you an opinion, make a recommendation, or advance an argument on your behalf, we consider all of the legal and practical implications.

Efficient Solutions

We are dedicated to delivering the most efficient and effective solutions for you or your business. We encourage settlement or alternative dispute resolution where that is the best course of action. If the only possible compromise is excessive or unsuitable, we tell you so. The result is that you can make an informed and pragmatic decision.

Proactive Solutions

We often solve problems when they arise, but we prefer to provide you with proactive advice so that you can avoid them altogether. Employers can usually avoid acrimonious and costly litigation through careful preparation and planning. By helping you take a preventative approach to labour and employment law matters, we can save you time, money and aggravation.

Prompt Service

We are used to dealing with important, complex problems on short notice. Whether you need an employment contract, a severance package, or a cease and desist order to remove an unlawful picket line, we respond promptly, skilfully and comprehensively.

Easy Access

All of our lawyers are easily accessible in person, by e-mail or by telephone. Messages are returned promptly.

Because labour and employment problems don’t always arise during business hours, we make our home phone and cell phone numbers available to clients who expect to have difficulties in the evening or on weekends.

Extensive Resources

Our lawyers draw upon the advice and assistance of their colleagues to bring special knowledge or experience to any particular situation. This consultative approach helps us ensure that neither unusual issues nor novel solutions are overlooked.

The members of our support staff are experienced in dealing with labour and employment law matters. They are able to provide assistance and assemble the necessary written materials in short order.

In addition, our lawyers and clients benefit from advanced technological resources, including on-line legal research and remote computer access to a comprehensive collection of relevant legal materials.


Our clients benefit from our good working relationships with many other professionals including lawyers, accountants, negotiators and consultants. We can quickly put you in the hands of other advisors if the need arises.


Our clients receive regular updates from us on recent caselaw, legislation and other developments of interest.

If an important decision, legislative change, or other development arises which might affect your operation, we let you know promptly, explaining the ramifications in clear language.

Excellent Value

Our clients need to be able to forecast and control their legal expenses. Before and during each matter, we talk to you openly and honestly about legal fees and explore alternative courses of action, so that your costs will be reasonable and proportionate to your issue.

Our lower overhead ensures that our fees, which are usually based upon hourly rates, are very competitive. Monthly accounts clearly itemize the services we have rendered. Detailed time breakdowns are always available upon request. We offer the convenience of paying by VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

We encourage you to discuss legal costs with us at any time, and to help us explore ways to reduce them.

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